Maths Problem of the week

We have been looking at multiplication and division facts for the 3,4 and 8 times tables.

Here are a couple of problems to solve using these facts:


 Image result for dojo characters Holly says:   I have 8 sweets.

Image result for dojo characters Ravi says :  I have twice as many sweets as Holly.

Image result for dojo characters Sam say : Holly has twice as many sweets as I have.

How many sweets does each child have?


Image result for dojo characters Ashley borrowed 6 books from the library.

 Image result for dojo characters  Jasmine borrowed twice as many books as Ashley.

Image result for dojo characters   Haris borrowed half the amount of books of Ashley.

   How many books have they borrowed all together?





12 thoughts on “Maths Problem of the week

  1. Problem 1

    2×8=16 [2 groups of 8 sweets=16.]

    Holly has 8 sweets.

    Ravi has 16 because Ravi has twice as many sweets and I know that 8×2=16.

    Sam has 4 because half of 8 =4 and it’s
    4 less and Holly has 8 so it’s half of 8.

    Problem 2

    6×2=12 [6 groups of 2 books =12.]

    Ashley has borrowed 6 books.

    Jasmine borrowed twice as many as Ashley has and Jasmine has borrowed 12
    books because I know double 6 = 12.

    Haris borrowed 3 books because half of 6=3.


  2. mrs v i know the answer is the answer ashely has 6 books jasmine has dobble so that means she has12 because dobble 6 =12 hairs has 3 becuase 6 -3=3 so hairis has 3 books


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