Fraction of amounts problems

Solve these problems using the following steps:

A.  There are 24 hours in a day and scientists tell us that we should sleep for 3/8 of the day. How much time should we spend sleeping?

1 . Write the number sentence : Image result for 3/8 fraction of  24 hours

2. Draw a bar model for the denominator :  8 equal parts  

3. Share the objects / number equally by drawing dots :  24  hours  shared equally

4. Look at the numerator: select the correct amount and add up the total number of dots selected.

5. Write your answer

B. The National History Museum has collected 30 dinosaurs. George has collected  Image result for 4/6 fractionof this amount. How many dinosaurs has George collected?

C. The temperature  in London was 20 C  in the afternoon but in the morning it was  only Image result for 7/10 fraction cooler. How hot was it in the morning?

D.  There are 40 people on the bus.    Image result for 1/4 fraction are children.  How many children are there?

E. There were sixteen biscuits in a tin. Kelly opened the tin and found Image result for 2/8 fraction had been eaten. How many had been eaten?

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